I did finish the repair jobs and custom requests since my last post.....and I managed to get a couple pieces completed for me :D  This is what my bead board/coffee table looked like 1-1/2 weeks ago.  I had pulled all my pink beads to make a custom pink bracelet.  The vintage glass pearls and pink aventurine flower bracelet/choker is intended for me....I had to push that  idea into one of the wells so I could complete the custom project ....sometimes the creativity process is a distraction to the REAL project I need to complete.  This picture really shows the uber-cool-ness of some beads I found on Etsy.  They look like ordinary....even boring...vintage acrylic beads until you position them just-so under the lights and then you get this AWESOME glow effect.  One friend said she nearly wrecked her car trying to look down at her necklace when the beads would glow in the sun.

This bracelet was a birthday present for my Aunt.  

These earrings were to cheer up a discouraged friend :)
Custom requests......

.....and I found these beads for $.50 a strand on Yardsellr

A Grain of Sand is offering subscriptions to a monthly bead hoarder's club.  I purchased  a 1-month subscription to see what it would look like.  I like mystery bead packages if they aren't swept off the floor of the delivery truck.  I won't mention any names, but I recently bought a "grab bag" from a bead company only to send it back to them.....I actually separated the scuffed, broken, dirty, useless beads from the order to show them this wasn't acceptable.  The two box clasps would have been really nice if they had the snap-in end .....it was missing for both of them!  I am eagerly awaiting my bead hoarder's package and will post pics!!

I have purchased Michelle Mach's Spring Challenge kit.......I'm tossing around a few ideas....the deadline for her challenge is March 13.  The deadline for the Ugliest Necklace Contest is March 15......

I need to start on those projects.........someday


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