It's been nearly 2 years since I've made a blog entry...... alot has happened.  A family member's health started to decline.  We were short-staffed at my full-time job, so the overtime was obscene.  I struggled to find the strength and time to take care of myself and my time to create.  I did, however, make trips to Hobby Lobby's discount wall and bought beads on Ebay.  I didn't have time to organize my buys.  I enlisted my family on a Sunday afternoon to sort my beads by color.  It took 3 of us about 4 hours.  In spite of my vehement denials, I think my family worried that I was a hoarder.    A bead hoarder......but, a hoarder, just the same. 

Let's catch up......
At the end of 2012, I was selected runner-up in The Ugly Necklace Contest.  This contest is sponsored by The Land of Odds. They hold this contest every other year.  This year, I won the contest...... thanks to all of my AWESOME facebook friends who helped me with their internet votes.  I also bribed co-workers (McDonald's Monopoly free food game pieces) and my niece (An American Horror Story sweatshirt).......I was going to get votes no matter the cost. 

I did find time to make a few pieces for friends.  Most memorable was a necklace/bracelet set for a dear friend.  Her daughter was getting married and the precious flower girl in her princess dress needed something sparkly and purple to wear.   I received a picture of that sweet little one, all dressed up, with a sparkle in her eyes that overshadowed the sparkle around her neck and wrist.  My heart was full......

My mom asks for blue earrings and bracelets, and my sister gives me components to design a necklace/bracelet set.  My friends will bring me their broken sentimental pieces hoping they can be easily fixed.  In retrospect, I guess I have had time to create and play with beads.  My life has felt very dry in the past few,  I am experiencing a refreshing of my peace and calm......which is the perfect state of mind to create.

Today, I received an email from Michelle Mach.  She listed Halcraft's Monthly Jewelry Design Challenge as something she was currently enjoying.  If you have a blog, you can play along with the Halcraft Challenge.  I do.....and I will.  I can't wait to search through my vast inventory (hoard) looking for the perfect beads for January's Pretty Palette challenge.  Even though I was experiencing a paralyzing overwhelming of life-events, hope remained..... a small spark that lit the dullness when I would purchase beads, findings, focal pieces, books, and magazines.  I had hope (no, not in beads) and trust in God......that the dust would settle, life would right itself, and I would have initiative to create with all those beads........someday.


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