This will be a short entry ..........have a little (?) insomnia, so I'm cruising around on the web.  Michell Mach announced that she will be participating in Jeanie's Do-Over Challenge #3 . I signed up....can't wait to get the mystery piece of jewelry.

I promise to post pics of this challenge, along with pics of my Bead Hoarder's Curiosity's box, and pics of my Ugly Necklace contest piece....and pics of something else that I can never remember to do......

Don't hold me to it, but I promise to do this......someday


Once again, Michelle Mach presented a bead challenge..... Suddenly Spring Challenge .I forgot to take a pic of the beads, so click on the Suddenly Spring link to see what we had to work with.
Here's my submission......I found some cool watch faces from Bling Time Accessories The watch face I chose reminded me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland....which seemed "spring-y" to me.  I made a band for a watch I received as a Christmas gift, so this wasn't a big stretch for me....."stretch".....I used stretch cord.....haha...get it??  In fact, I think I'm addicted......I want to buy another watch face and make another band.....I should just make the interchangeable bands.....naah.  So many watch little time.....

I found it difficult to photograph this watch......I wanted to capture all the elements of the band in one pic......I used the rondelle spacers and a few of the blue faceted beads.....

 I also made a necklace.  I tracked down some silver wire mesh ribbon tube....don't think that's the exact name for this stuff, but you get the idea.  I purchased seed bead mixtures from Spirit Bear Beads  I love the way she mixes a palette of seed beads! I used the faceted beads from Michelle Mach along with some really cool Iris lamp-work beads I bought (a very long time ago) from Bead Party

I struggle with lighting my jewelry pics......there were lit with a mag-lite.....very high tech....please feel free to follow my lead in mag-lite photography aids....
These are my submissions.....I hope the links for the other blogs work :)

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I promised to post pics of my Bead Hoarders box from A Grain of Sand ....haven't done that yet..  I entered my first jewelry contest The Ugly Necklace Contest ....I promise to post pics of my submission after the deadline has passed....don't want anyone stealing my ugly design.  I promise to post pics of other projects I've been working on......

I promise to do all this..........someday